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  • Гума Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB R
    Гума Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB R Гума Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB R Гума Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB R Гума Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB R

    Гума за E-bike Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB R


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    Код: 868876

    Pirelli Scorpion E-MTB R HY-Wall Rear MTB Tyre

    The E-MTB specific Pirelli Scorpion has a medium profile tread design with added traction and reliability for uncompromising performance over a variety of terrains. The Scorpion E-MTB R is the perfect rear tyre when paired with a Scorpion™ E-MTB M upfront.


    The Scorpion™ E-MTB R tread pattern was developed for use on the same wide range of terrains as the Scorpion™ E-MTB . The specific design of the central tread, derived from Pirelli's experience in the world of Motocross, increases grip and stability both when braking and accelerating and gives the Scorpion™ E-MTB R unique levels of confidence and reliability on mixed terrain


    Pirelli added Lignin to there E-MTB specific compound called SmartGRIP+. Lignin is a naturally sourced chemical component that enhances performance in light of the unique speed and torque features associated with electric motors of modern E-MTBikes. The rider benefits from enhanced tyre performance, even under the higher speed and torque of E-MTB riding


    A newly designed patented construction that increases even further handling and pinch flat resistance. Key in off-road applications, especially in the most demanding ones such as gravity and eMTB, the integrity of the bead area and the stability of the sidewalls are a founding pillar for the overall tyre performance


    • Structure: HyperWALL
    • Compound: SmartGrip+
    • Casing: 60 TPI
    • Weight: 1270g

    Bead : Foldable

    Colour : Black

    Size : 27,5", 29"

    Terrain : Polyvalent

    TPI : 60

    Type : Standard

    Use : Inner Tube, Tubeless Ready

    Weight (manufacturer) : 1270 g

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