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  • Ръкохватки за тротине7Scooter Grips
    Ръкохватки за тротине7Scooter Grips

    Ръкохватки за тротинетка Tilt Metra Pro Scooter Grips


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    Код: 31786

    The Metra Grips are designed with comfort in mind. With thin ribs and wide rib spacing, these grips are the perfect blend of softness and durability. The pattern on the Metra grip is inspired by the connecting public transport lines running through the heart of big cities. These lines connect people from one side of the city to the next, just like how your hands are connected to your scooter through this grip. The Metra Grips are for you if you like a soft, small diameter grip.

    INCLUDED: Two grips and two bar plugs.

    Weight: 3.7oz incl bar plugs

    Length: 155.0mm

    Diameter: 30.5mm

    Design: Symmetrical, reversible design per rider preference

    При нужда от консултация може да ни потърсите на 089 339 0013 в рамките на работния ден !