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  • Тротинетка District Titan Black
    Тротинетка District Titan Black Тротинетка District Titan B2lack Тротинетка District 3Titan Black Тротинетка District Ti1tan Black Тротинетка District Titan 4Black

    Тротинетка District Titan Black


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    Код: 547758

    At District, we've spent years producing quality scooters and parts from the ground up and listening to the demands of our core followers which shape us as a brand. Introducing the District Titan; deriving from Greek mythology, meaning power, size & strength. 

    The all new Titan Complete is District as you've never seen before. Clean colour ways, slick graphics and loaded with premium parts - The Titan has been sculpted to withstand the demands of competitive scooter riding. Designed for the intermediate to pro scooter rider. 

    • Steel Handlebar: 560mm Wide x 585mm High
    • HT Deck: 135mm / 5.3" Wide x 520mm / 20.5" Long
    • Steel Fork
    • 140mm Soft Grips
    • Compression: Mini HIC
    • Double Clamp
    • Wheels: 120mm x 24mm
    • Alloy Brake
    • Weight: 4kg

    При нужда от консултация може да ни потърсите на 089 339 0013 в рамките на работния ден !